It’s the 1st choice of Point of Sale software for retailers!

Yes, but what is it really?

Vend is a cloud-based retail software system, which enables retailers to accept payments, manage their inventories, reward customer loyalty, and gather insights into their business in real-time.

It’s the next generation of retail point-of-sale software.

And why should I get it for my business?

It’s simple to get set up with Infinesse’s expert help, it works with a wide range of point of sale devices, and operates on any web capable device with a browser (even offline!). Vend’s mission is to make retailers’ lives easier – easier to run your business and easier to grow it. Vend is loaded with features to help you grow revenue, save time and reduce costs. That’s smart business!

You’ll love Vend because it ………

  • #1! integrates with Xero! Connect your sales, purchases and customer details instantly.
  • Cloud Based – Sell in-store, online & on-the-go.
  • Integrated Payments – choose the best way to accept payments in your store.
  • Products & Inventory – easily add & edit products, simplify purchase orders, transfers and stock-takes.
  • Customer management – Easily grow valuable repeat business by getting to know your best customers and reward with a customisable loyalty program.
  • Powerful Reporting – see an instant snapshop of sales & staff performance from anywhere, anytime, have flexibility with customising your own reporting.
  • Ecommerce – get your shop online! You don’t need to be a web expert. Vend does it all.
  • Customer Support – online support and knowledge base.