What is a BAS Agent?

  • basically, a BAS agent engages with a client to provide services to complete their Business Activity Statements (BAS) obligations to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO);
  • and a BAS agent must be registered with the ATO.
  • in detail,
    • prepares financial reports for the preparation and lodgement of BAS;
    • provides advice to clients assisting them to comply with the Goods and
      Services Tax (GST) regime and related legislation (Fringe Benefits Tax – collection only; calculation of employee superannuation guarantee payments; fuel tax rebates; PAYG, PAYI instalments);
    • liaises with the client’s tax agent or accountant in regard to income tax compliance issues;
    • participates in the formulation and monitoring of budgets and cash flow projections;
    • and assists in the collection of accounts receivable by the business.
  • A BAS agent does not advise on income tax matters. This is the job for a Registered Tax Agent.

By being a registered BAS agent with the Taxation Practitioner’s Board, Infinesse can guarantee several things:-

  • we satisfy the Australian Government’s definition of a “fit and proper person”. Fit and proper requirements;
  • we have the necessary qualifications and experience;
  • our Professional Indemnity Insurance is maintained;
  • we undergo continuing professional education;
  • our commitment to professional and ethical standards are governed by statutory codes of conduct. Code of professional conduct.

The sum of the whole matter boils down to providing our clients with an expert service and expert advice.

Now, this begs the question of what is a Bookkeeper?

Generally, a Bookkeeper enters data, reconciles bank transactions, produces and keeps records.

The Infinesse method is this and so much more. It’s about thinking of the requirements of the client, understanding how a business works and providing the most effective integrated business systems to achieve the best result for our clients.

At Infinesse, we automate and streamline our client’s bookkeeping systems and processes to meet their needs. The result is the most effective and efficient systems necessary to continue running their business.

Infinesse does:-

  • Software setup and Implementation
  • Education and training
  • Business Systems and Data Reviews
  • Streamlined Bookkeeping
  • BAS Agent Services
  • Business Reporting

Our methods, coupled with our expert skills and knowledge, will give you confidence in how Infinesse will help your business work smarter.